Repaired Flying Mobiles - Various

Repaired Flying Mobiles - Various

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Occasionally, some mobiles have a  bumpy flight in transit from Colombia and arrive with minor breaks.  All breaks are lovingly repaired in Chicago and don't impact the flying action of the mobile.

Discounts depend on the severity of the breaks.  All purchases are as is. 

These rescued flying mobiles are looking for a good home.  

Below are descriptions of the repairs. Photos available upon request.

XL unicorn: Small crack on the mane. 

Viking Ship: Repaired mouth of the bow of the ship. 

Red Spike Dragon: Cracked head or cracked front claw. 

Frida: One wingtip repaired.

Hummingbirds: Repaired beaks.

Pigs: Repaired pig tails.

Cats: Repaired cat tails. 

Toucan: Repaired wingtips. 

Ravens: Repaired wingtips. 

Unicorn: Repaired front leg. 

Eagle: Repaired wingtip. 

Crane: Repaired legs. 

Heron: Repaired legs. 

Day of the dead: Repaired hands or minor defect of one of the candles. 

Falcon: Repaired wingtips. 

Yellow warbler: Repaired feet. 

Rooster: Small bulge on tail edge fiberboard. 

Lg Dragons: Repaired tail or chips at wingtip.

Fairy: Crack at the neck. 

Turtle: Crack on one side of the neck. 

Witch: Repaired broomstick.

Angle: Paint splotches at hands. 

Bluebird of happiness: No defects.  Just painted in an older style with a lighter color blue