Wounaan Baskets - Handmade in Colombia

Master artisans of the Wounaan tribe, use palm threads and copper core wire, to sew together the internal coils.  It takes an expert weaver one day to weave one turn of a basket with stitching as tight as two stitches per millimeter!!  These exquisite pieces of home décor art, are handcrafted by the Wounaan, a people from the the Colombian pacific coast who are internally displaced due to ongoing guerrilla war. Every purchase helps to empower this community and preserve their culture.

            Photo Credit: Artesanias de Colombia      

Silky palm threads are sustainably harvested from the 'chunga' palm tree which has sharp spikes along the entire trunk.  These palm leaves have a special resin that gives them a silky smooth texture when dry.  The leaves are washed, dried in the sun, split into fine threads, and finally dyed with natural vegetable dyes or food dyes. The basket is now ready for construction.  The designs and motifs that appear comes from the thoughts and inspiration of the woman maker.