Giving Back - Colombia's internally displaced

Tulia's Artisan Gallery donates a portion of each purchase to indigenous preservation in Colombia.

A portion of each sale is given back to the Maach Den Foundation benefiting internally displaced Wounaan artisans.  These indigenous artisans have had to leave their native villages in the rainforest and are adjusting to urban life.  Currently these funds are being used for emergency medical supplies for remote villages and towards the building of new workshop space with natural light.  This new space will allow for training, community building, and improved quality control.

Other projects of the foundation include:

  • planting palm trees closer to Bogota so the displaced artisans have easier access to their raw materials. 
  • building a pre-school for the younger kids so they can receive early childhood education in Wounmeu
  • publishing spanish/wounmeu dictionary and other children's books to teach culture and designs to the displaced children.