Giving Back

Tulia's Artisan Gallery donates a portion of each purchase to projects in education and/or cultural preservation in Colombia that empowers indigenous communities.  

A coalition of Wounaan families displaced in Bogota have established a foundation to advocate for the needs of their community.  

When a local public school teacher chastised Wounaan children for speaking their native tongue, Wounmeu, the leaders went to the minister of education and requested that a Wounaan teacher be placed in their local public school so the children can be taught both Spanish and Wounmeu.

The Foundation has many projects in mind. The first priority is a communal workshop space where women can work together on weaving baskets and the men can work on woodworking and cutting PVC pipe for bracelets.  Subsequent projects include building a pre-school for the younger kids so they can receive early childhood education in Wounmeu, publishing a Spanish/Wounmeu dictionary, and ultimately building a cultural center/museum in Bogota to preserve Wounaan culture for future generations.  


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