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Woven Bracelet Cuff

Woven Cuff Bracelet - Blue Diamonds - Unique Handmade Gift

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One of a kind bracelet cuff made of palm threads and sterling silver.  Handmade in Colombia by award-winning Wounaan artisans. The Wounaan are ingenuous to the Pacific coast and are victims of forced displacement due to the armed conflict in Colombia. The Wounaan community of refugees in the large cities take great pride in their palm thread art - unique in all the world - and use the arts to teach the next generation of Wounaan growing up in urban cities their language and culture.  

The strong internal core of this bracelet makes it close automatically, no magnets or fasteners required.  Just apply a little pressure to spread open the cuff and slide over the wrist.

Width = 1 inch;  Internal diameter = 2.25 inches

A portion of each purchase is given back directly to the Wounaan for cultural preservation projects.