Golden Friendship Bracelet - White Mountain Design - Unique Handmade Gift

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Handwoven golden friendship bracelet made of palm threads copper core wire.  Handmade in Colombia by award-winning Wounaan artisans internally displaced due to the armed conflict in Colombia. Give the gift of friendship while empowering an indigenous community at risk.  

Width = 1 cm;  Internal diameter = 2 inches

White mountain design on a golden wire background.

Colombia has one of the most diverse indigenous heritages in the world.  There are over 100 indigenous groups speaking 65 different languages.  Sadly, a third of these cultures are at risk of extinction due to forced displacement from ancestral lands into urban areas.  Decades of armed conflict in Colombia has created the largest internal displacement situation in the world with nearly 7 million internal refugees. Indigenous and Afro-Colombians are disproportionately affected by this displacement.

One such internally displaced indigenous community are the Wounaan, originally from the rainforest of the Pacific state of Choco. They are known for making the most beautiful baskets in the world.  They are the artists behind these one of a kind bracelets handcrafted with dyed palm threads, copper core wire and sterling silver. A treasure to behold. Unique in all the world.  Each piece is a work of art, whose designs are the inspiration of each artisan. 


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