Wounaan Fine Art Vase Basket. Beige & Copper Wire. Handmade in Colombia
Wounaan Fine Art Vase Basket. Beige & Copper Wire. Handmade in Colombia
Wounaan fine art vase basket. Copper Wire & Beige. Handmade in Colombia.
wounaan fine art vase basket.  Beige with Copper wire detail. Handmade in Colombia.
2 Wounaan art vases. Beige & Copper Wire.

Wounaan Fine Art Vase Basket WV069 - Beige & Copper Wire

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One-of-a-kind home decor fine art woven vase. 

All the workmanship is handcrafted by indigenous artisans of the Wounaan tribe in Colombia. Each art piece is constructed of palm leaf threads sustainably harvested from indigenous-owned lands in the rainforest of Colombia's Pacific coast.  This raw material travels over 400 miles via canoe, portage, motorboat, and a 12-hour bus ride to arrive in the hands of the artists who are internally displaced in the nation's capital.  20% of each fine art basket purchase is re-invested in the Wounaan community for cultural preservation projects. 

This vase is part of our Copper Collection: Copper is an essential nutrient for our bodies. It's a key component in the formation of red blood cells. Plus it has antimicrobial properties. The Aztecs even gargled with copper water to fight sore throats! As we all emerge from this pandemic and return to our pre-covid routines, some with more scars than others, this collection hopes to heal and re-energize our souls. To focus on the purity of this life force, Wounaan Nonam artists used only raw, natural beige palm leaf threads for this collection, making stunning art objects for your sacred spaces. Consider this piece for your meditation space, a grand entryway, mantle, or to complete your Feng Shui metal element design.  Makes a great wedding or 7th anniversary gift.  

Approximately 7in high, 10.5in wide

Design: Mountains

Wt. 2lb, 15oz