Wounaan wall art plate basket. Raw palm leaf with abstract design
Indigenous Wounaan Art Plate bowl from Colombia. Handmade & Fair Trade. Beige with abstract design.. Chunga Palm basket

Handwoven Wall Art Plate Basket WP083 - White Abstract

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One of a kind statement home decor wall art plate.

All the workmanship is handcrafted by indigenous artisans of the Wounaan tribe in Colombia. Each art piece is constructed of palm leaf threads sustainably harvested from indigenous-owned lands in the rainforest of Colombia's Pacific coast.

This raw material travels over 400 miles via canoe, portage, motorboat, and a 12-hour bus ride to arrive in the hands of the artists who are internally displaced in the nation's capital.  Once in Bogota, the women strip the leaves apart, split them into fine threads, wash them, lay them in the sun to dry, and then dye them using vegetable dyes or food dyes.  Once the threads are ready, the women thread a 3-in long needle and begin sewing coils together with nearly water-tight stitches at 2 stitches per millimeter.   20% of each fine art basket purchase is re-invested in the Wounaan community for cultural preservation projects. 

Colors: Natural beige, Red, Yellow, Black

Design: Abstract

Size: 10in diameter, .5 in deep. Flat plate. 

Wt: 7 oz