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About our logo

Tulia's logo is based on a silk stitch design found in many Wounaan plates, baskets, and bracelets.  In addition to having a stylized "T", "A", and "G" for Tulia's Artisan Gallery, it is fitting since the Wounaan collections are the heart of our business.  In Wounaan culture, this design represents a fish hook used by Wounaan fishermen and is called "sinfiquerca" in the Wounaan language.  Our artisans are in the process of collecting artifacts such as these for a cultural heritage museum that they hope to one day build in Bogota.

 The original homelands of the Wounaan are in the lowland forests and waterways of the pacific coast in the state of Choco.  Some communities are 3 hours away from the nearest town via motor boat.  Our artisans are also busy collecting the oral histories of elders still living in Choco to document the use of these artifacts and their knowledge of medicinal plants. 


FishHook Design Wounaan Plate