Meet the Makers - Artisan Profile #1: Isabel May 17 2016


These whimsical mobiles are the brainchild of Isabel. As a child, she always wanted to be an artist, but opted instead for a career in accounting to please her parents.  After her daughter was born, she returned to her artistic passion and created her first mobile, a dragonfly, for the new nursery. Soon, she was busy making more dragonflies to fill requests by friends and family. 

After going through a divorce, a friend encouraged her to apply to an arts festival. Isabel took out a loan to cover the costs of the booth fees. At the show, she completely sold out & won first prize. The prize was a full refund of the booth fee!  With the loan paid off, Isabel was convinced the business had a future.  
To keep up with demand she asked Johana, her cleaning lady, to help paint. She did such a good job that Isabel hired her full time as a painter.  As business continued to grow, Johana's sister, Luzdary came on board.  Johana and Luzdary have worked for over 11 years with Isabel and love it. They take great pride in having the hands of a surgeon to create such precise stokes for each piece. Each are single mothers and have been able to support their families through their artistic skills.  Originally from Choco, the state on the Pacific coast, they had to escape the armed the conflict and displace to a larger urban city.  Colombia has the world's second largest displacement situation, after Syria with 6.7 million people internally displaced. Afro-Colombian and indigenous groups are disproportionately affected by displacement.
Since working with Tulia's Artisan Gallery, Isabel has been able to double her workforce, employing two more painters, Diana and Andrea. The other members of the business include Isabel's sister and brother-in-law.
Your purchase helps Isabel make an impact in the lives of these women. Isabel hires women who are in difficult situations, with hard manual labor jobs and provides an alternative and more rewarding career with stable income.  These amazing women love what they do.  You can see the full collection of flying mobiles at